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JLP Presents, an artistic services company providing high end concert, tour and festival delivery.  


Operating in Auckland for over twenty years, JLP provides multiple services for many blue chip clients in high end artistic and commercial work. The firm operates nationally with a strong history and broad experience.   

A leader in the New Zealand Arts and entertainment industry, JLP offers turn-key delivery across a range of Festival and concert properties to some of New Zealand’s biggest civic and private clients. Services include top level tour management and green-field festival delivery, alongside artist management and booking services.   

No matter what part we play in the development or fulfillment of a project, our methods are sensitive to integrating art direction, audience development or community participation into our methodology. As a creative company, our in-house team understands the levels of audience engagement required for festivals and the arts.  

JLP has a strong work ethic; we believe the key to a successful show is solid process, hard work and a good attitude. Any successful concert, event or festival starts backstage, every project demands that production is smooth, the vibe is happy, motivated and keen.

The planning structure and deployment of production is vital to that process. Performers, participants and audience all benefit from a focused, well run crew. A clear and safe method for delivery makes good process and we believe the best foundation for a great show.


JLP provides services to some of NZ biggest properties with varying levels of production and festival delivery, especially on several green field festivals.

• Site map onwards JLP provides complete festival planning, procurement and deployment.

• All site infrastructure aspects with total turnkey Festival delivery.

• All production including staging, sound, light, AV, along with technical and site staff.

• Health and Safety overlay including the management and deployment of Physical works, provisioning of SSSP and site control.

• Onsite OSOC process and full operational deployment at an international standard.
        MUDTOPIA – Site management – initial design and build
        PASIFIKA FESTIVAL – 14 Festivals site and production – complete build and operation
        LANTERN FESTIVAL – 5 Festivals site and production – complete build and operation
        DIWALI FESTIVAL – 5 Festivals site and production – complete build and operation
        AUCKLAND CITY LIMITS – site management
        BIG DAY OUT – 20 years – site management 


Fully experienced concert and theatre tour specialist who enjoys working relationships nationally with venue and production providers.  Providing clients with the complete build and deployment of tours from pencil booking to settlement for 4000 to 20,000 seats.

  • Providing total touring support for clients

  • Show build and tour management

  • Venue liaison

  • Tour logistics and deployment

  • Production and venue advance

  • Health and Safety overlay and deployment

        Ed Byrne

        Danny Bhoy

        Comedy All Stars

        Greg Johnson


JLP provides touring, site and production delivery for indoor and outdoor concerts up to ten thousand patrons. JLP is proficient in shows of all scales, a club show-case, theatre, musical hall or outdoor for all types of outdoor shows and concerts.

• Touring, site and production management for the largest annual touring outdoor summer run throughout New Zealand. Over 100 outdoor shows in recent years with an average of 2,000 patrons.

• Site management covering all prep and delivery including labour and Health and Safety overlays and the management of physical works.  

• Production services and delivery across all aspects of Festival and concert build.

• Pre-show planning and booking process.

• Onsite live management of Concerts up to Festival Size. Full onsite OSOC and management experience.

• Technical and site infrastructure planned, procured and deployed.
        Civic Events Winery Tour     
        Villa Maria concerts Sol3 Mio | Winery Tour | Fat Freddy's
        David Mulcahy


We are a safe company and are proficient at integrating safety into our company and its activities.  We want everyone that comes to our gigs - to work or play, gets home safe and well.  

• Health and Safety overlay and the full management of physical works on site

• Gold Card trained staff for site management and deployment

• Fully insured with liability and risk